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What's the Big Idea about Mentorship?

Big Heads Are On Our Beers

Not Between Our Ears

Each Jovian receives an engraved, lidded stein shortly after joining Jovian Concepts.

These steins are imported from Germany, have a surprise printed on the bottom, and are such a satisfying weight that even non-beer drinkers pull theirs out for soda at our office happy hours.

Most importantly, on the front of each stein is printed the phrase you see here in the photo.

This saying from our company president Rich Scheper is the foundation for our Down to Earth spirit at Jovian Concepts. It is humbling to admit that we all have room to learn and grow. Formal internships such as our Skillbridge opportunity for transitioning active-duty service members and our summer program for students center on the importance of mentorship in professional development. As life-long learners, Jovians are open to Personal Growth and Professional Development. From our most junior to our most senior Jovians, growth plans and mentorship are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Through a structure of purposefully small personnel sections, all Jovians have opportunity for frequent communication and personalized attention. Additionally, Jovian Concepts provides professional mentorship opportunities under the guidance of our Director of Programs. Says Dr. Scheper, "Our Program Leads and Section Managers mentor by supportive example, working alongside - not above - our employees to guide them on their paths to success and future leadership." This model allows for flexibility while supporting the Core Values of our employees.

It's a Big Idea to provide mentorship in ways that are best suited to each employee.

Big Ideas are Jovian Concepts.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland and is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability and veterans.

For more information about Jovian Concepts, visit


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