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For the second time this summer, Jovian Concepts is pleased to announce the win of a major prime contract. With a variety of locations, this contract will include positions for developers and systems engineers among other professional opportunities.

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Welcome to Jovian Concepts


Jovian Concepts, Inc., provides intelligence consulting services that focus on delivering quality solutions to address the critical mission and planning needs of our clients. Our customer focus is unmatched as we evolve to

meet the challenges of shifting trends in the federal, state, and local marketplaces.

Our Prime Contracts


Who We Are


With locations in Maryland, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, and Japan, Jovian Concepts is a company of Subject Matter Experts providing on-site technical services such as Software Development, Systems Engineering, Tactical Training, and Legal Compliance support.

We specialize in supporting defense, cyber security, intelligence, and Big Data missions and are proud to include in our company United States military veterans, academic experts, and Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) employees.


Jovian Concepts aims to be the Government's trusted agents of choice through integrity, competency, dedication, independence, humility, and levity.

Jovian Concepts
Our Expertise


Jovian Concepts excels at supporting and satisfying Government agency customers in the practice areas of Systems Engineering, Mission Operations, Software Development, User Based Testing, Legal and Privacy Compliance, Training Auditing, and Technical Support.

Our focus at Jovian Concepts is on providing the best support possible, regardless of the mission at hand. Therefore, our skill base is necessarily agile and diverse; we seek to meet our customers' exact needs.



Professionalism, Balance, Cohesiveness, Loyalty, and Personal Growth are Core Values identified by the employees of Jovian Concepts. With diverse contracts and locations, Jovian Concepts provides multiple career opportunities with generous benefits.