Core Capabilities

Down to Earth...Up to the Challenge speaks to our practical approach and eagerness to succeed.

Our strategy is to hand-select top talent and treat them with the care and respect they deserve. In turn, our talented Jovian Concepts employees deliver their best to the customer.

Our expertise lies in the core abilities of our employees as well as their willingness to learn. Global thinking, enthusiasm, and social intelligence are the hallmarks of a Jovian Concepts employee. The relationship between customer needs and the valued support we provide is the foundation on which Jovian Concepts is based.

Jovian Concepts excels at supporting and satisfying government agency customers in our practice areas of Systems Engineering, Capability Development, User Based Testing, Legal and Privacy Compliance, Operations and Technical Support, Technical Training, and Data Flow Engineering

Systems Engineering

Jovian Concepts maintains strong working relationships with our customers. We excel at ensuring complex programs meet budget and deliver on schedule while satisfying dynamic performance requirements. Jovian Concepts follows International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) standards and houses Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) employees. Jovian Concepts also houses Program Management Institute (PMI) certified Program Management Professional (PMP) employees.

Our expertise in this capability area includes:

  • Program Management

  • Requirements Development

  • Technical Writing and Documentation

  • Schedule Management

  • Risk Management

  • Process Development

  • Budget and Planning Support

  • Configuration Management

  • Integration and Test

  • System Deployment and Delivery​

Capability Development

Our talented developers are truly on the cutting edge of technology helping customers to develop some of the most sophisticated mission applications to date.


Our expertise in this capability area includes:

  • Algorithm / Prototype Development

  • Signal Processing

  • Software Development (C++, Java, Python)

  • Cloud Architecures

  • Agile Development / SCRUM Management

  • Systems Administration

  • DT&E and OT&E Support

  • Hardware / Software Lab Management

User Based Testing

Jovian Concepts has developed a unique testing methodology that assesses the relevance, usefulness, integrability, and performance of a capability with respect to a specified problem or task. This novel method makes minimal assumptions about user profiles or workflows, and instead relies on unscripted, empirical observations of users in a realistic environment. This method uses compiled statistics and computes unbiased results to provide an objective analysis of how well a proposed technology, tool, tradecraft, or analytic would integrate into the mission at hand. Rather than focusing on formal operational requirements, this customizable technique can provide an objective answer to the basic question: “Is this capability of inherent value to my mission?”  

This method has proven successful for testing:

  • Cloud Based Analytics

  • Analyst Tools

  • Stand Alone or Integrated Software Applications

  • Cyber Capabilities

  • Custom Hardware

Legal and Privacy Compliance

Jovian Concepts is on the forefront of the newest developments in legal and privacy policy and how it impacts data handling in big data cloud based systems. Our subject matter experts are well versed in current laws, policies, data architectures, and technologies necessary to collect, store, and analyze sensitive data in both an ethical and effective manner.

Our expertise in this capability area includes:

  • Data Policy Translation, Standardization, and Accountability

  • Verification of Accuracy

  • Compliance Process Engineering and Automation

Technical Training

Jovian Concepts offers a variety of courses ranging from general theory to system-specific, platform mounted training. These courses can be offered in an a la carte format, allowing for maximum flexibility, up to and including custom designed curricula.


Offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • RF Theory

  • Cellular Network Fundamentals

  • Antenna Fundamentals

  • Active Interrogation / Tactical SIGINT

  • Hand-Held Direction Finding Tools

  • Survey Tools

Operations and Technical Support

Our Subject Matter Experts are dedicated to the mission of defending the United States. They continually refresh and refine their craft using the newest technologies and techniques to stay one step ahead of our adversaries.


Our expertise in this capability area includes:

  • Signals Analysis

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Cryptological Language Support

  • Geospatial Intelligence

  • Active/Passive Operations

  • Cyber Operations

Data Flow Engineering

Jovian Concepts has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of secure data flows, from architecture to capability development, and including various architectures from point-to-point systems to cloud based infrastructures.


Our expertise in this capability area includes:

  • Data Tagging and Tracking

  • Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

  • State of the Art Data Formats for Unstructured Content and Metadata

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