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Focus on Corporate Culture 

Written by our employees, the mission statement of Jovian Concepts acts as a guiding force for everything we do:  to consistently provide visionary solutions to technical and professional challenges by fostering an innovative, proactive, and cohesive culture for our customers and within the Jovian family. We nurture our employees through our structure of small sections for individualized attention, multiple channels of communication, and generous professional development opportunities such as full, up front, tuition assistance. At retreats such as the one on which this mission statement was written, we reflect and relax as a company, a vital part of what makes Jovian Concepts Down to Earth--Up to the Challenge.

"[In our corporate Mission Statement] there’s an inward facing piece and an outward facing piece, because we’re really trying to achieve two things: one is we want to provide excellent service to our customer and be the best in the business when it comes to quality, but the second part is how we want to be for ourselves. We want it to be a family company, a place that we can call home, a place where we feel comfortable riding out the duration of our careers. And for us, that’s just as important as our customer-facing side."

-founder and CEO Richard Scheper, on the AHA! Business Radio Show on CBS Radio in Baltimore (2016) 


The importance of our corporate culture to the success of Jovian Concepts cannot be overstated. It is at the core of what makes us uniquely productive and valuable to our customers.


Focus on Employees

From the earliest days of Jovian Concepts, Inc., our company goals have been different from those of standard corporations. Founded as an alternative to such establishments, Jovian Concepts strives to maintain the feel of a family company in a variety of ways. Happy hours, family picnics, retreats, and birthday lunches recognize the strength of our company culture lies in not taking ourselves too seriously. Through upfront tuition assistance, five weeks of leave, and opportunities for community involvement, Jovian Concepts supports a healthy work-life balance.


Because Jovian Concepts is not publicly traded, we prioritize the happiness of our employees, not of shareholders. Our passion lies in the work we do for the mission, not in the profit we can show at the end of a quarter. We pride ourselves in taking the long-term view. Repeatedly, our employees demonstrate their commitment to these same habits and values. 

Are You Interested?

If you would like to know more about working for Jovian Concepts, we would like to hear from you.

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