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Jovian Concepts Wins 2018 Corporate Culture Award

Richard Scheper, Stacey Scheper, Michelle Marzullo at the CEO Report 2018 Baltimore Corporate Culture Awards

CEO Report recognized Jovian Concepts, Inc., with an award for Corporate Culture at a recent ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland. Focusing in 2018 on collaboration, CEO Report spotlighted companies that foster positive and productive cultures. CEO Richard Scheper, Ph.D., and Directors Stacey Scheper and Michelle Marzullo, Esq., accepted the award on behalf of the employees of Jovian Concepts, Inc. "It was very evident what a collaborative and fun culture you have built,"said Emily Moles, of CEO Report, about Jovian Concepts, Inc.

At Jovian Concepts, creating a culture that supports employees is integral to our mission to consistently provide visionary solutions to technical and professional challenges by fostering an innovative, proactive, and cohesive culture for our customers and within the Jovian Concepts family.

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