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Using Time at Home to Explore Range

We're experiencing a time like no other.

If you're looking for a silver lining, consider the effect of such a time on innovation and creativity.

Whether it's learning a new recipe or game, navigating your child's at-home studies, or trying to figure out how to effectively wear a mask while doing essential work, innovation and creativity are at play. And that growth may benefit us.

In Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, author David Epstein explores how agility thrives when we embrace the role of 'generalist'. The more we learn about a variety of things, the better we seem able to transfer that learning to new situations. As Epstein writes, "Learners become better at applying their knowledge to a situation they've never seen before, which is the essence of creativity."

The Jovian Concepts Professional Development and Personal Growth Book Club is currently reading Range and discussing some key questions in an online forum hosted by PBC Guru. We are enjoying this book as it supports our Core Values of Professionalism and Personal Growth.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland. For more information, visit

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