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Bridge to Growth- The Value of Leadership

"The Bridge to Growth: Servant Leadership" by Jude Rake made for good reading after our most recent Team Build Retreat. One of the key questions Rake asks is, "How does my personal work connect to my company's goals, and how can I help us achieve them?" This, of course, comes down to the value of leadership.

Effective leadership clearly translates the company's goals and the intrinsic value that each employee adds. The communication of goals and role is key.

"The Bridge to Growth" discusses proven leadership principles that foster the right kind of communication to promote the company's goals and help employees fully commit to achieving such goals. At Jovian Concepts, five such principles can be seen in action:

1) Grow leaders and difference-makers, not just followers. Jovian Concepts encourages employees to be leaders. While there are many leadership positions in the company such as section manager and program lead, Jovian Concepts also emboldens employees to be leaders on their individual contracts and to invite future leaders to step into key roles.

2) Focus your organization on strategic priorities and simplify operations to accelerate progress. Jovian Concepts is focused on goals. Section managers and program leaders are consistently informed of metrics and tasked with tracking performance. As the mission statement of Jovian Concepts guides company actions throughout the year, quarterly All Hands meetings bring employees face-to-face with company leadership to reassess progress towards established goals.

3) Cultivate a performance-based culture of innovation that unleashes the innate desire in

the people you lead to solve, create and contribute to winning. Motivation is a key factor in achieving goals. Jovian Concepts recognizes the variety of ways employees contribute to successful culture. By keeping company sections small, Jovian Concepts fosters an atmosphere of encouragement and immediate recognition for accomplishments.

4) Communicate relentlessly to give your workforce the context they need to sign up for and truly commit to achieving company goals. In Jovian Concepts there are various channels of communication. Through program leaders, section managers, approachable front office staff, and an open-door policy at every level, employees are made aware of company goals and what they can do to help the company achieve them. Ideas are welcomed and progress is applauded.

5) Be the model you want emulated. Operate transparently, deliver on your promises, and remain steadfastly focused on doing the right things. Jovian Concepts prides itself on being open with employees and expectations are modeled by leadership. Employees are invited to ask questions on any topic and have frequent opportunities to meet with company leaders. This helps maintain transparency within the company.

See Jude Rake's public LinkedIn posting here.

Get Rake's book for yourself here.

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