Employees Take Time to Reflect

Each summer as part of the annual Team Build retreat, Jovian Concepts takes time for introspection. Ideas are shared in a large group that includes employees and the members of the Jovian Concepts Board of Directors. This year, an ongoing focus for Jovian Concepts is on maintaining what we value most as the company grows.

Using the results of an internally created Climate Survey administered in the spring, as well as results from previous years, and prioritized lists created by participants, the collective group considered the most important aspects of working for Jovian Concepts. A glimpse of what employees treasure appears in the WordCloud generated from responses to the question, "What do you like most about Jovian Concepts?"

Jovian Concepts is committed to nurturing these aspects of company culture. Check back for more about how Jovian Concepts supports and fosters what employees value most.

To play with WordClouds, visit wordclouds.com.

To read more about the Corporate Culture of Jovian Concepts, visit our web page.

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