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Create a Contagious Culture by Being Present

Jovian Concepts first heard about Anese Cavanaugh via The Art of Charm podcast. Her insights and methods echo many of the thoughts and feelings Jovian Concepts has on culture. Positive culture is essential for creating a work environment that is welcoming, thriving, and engaging. You can read about Cavanaugh's inspiring ideas in her new book Contagious Culture, available here. Below are some of the key items listeners are able to take away from the podcast.

Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP): You are the common denominator, you drive the results. Cavanaugh says "Our energy and our presence is like food coloring in water-- you can’t take it out. If you want to have influence and if you want to connect with other people and you want to feel good while doing it, you need to pay attention to how you’re showing up in the equation.” You should always be setting the intention for how you want to "show up" when you enter a room. Your intention is what you want to have happen (you will be able to move towards this more impactfully if you think about it before entering a room or a meeting). Then you want to think of the energy you're bringing to the room-- how will people experience you? Additionally, Cavanaugh stresses being sure that you are taking care of yourself so you have a lot of energy to give. Afterwards, being introspective about how your energy effects results.

Four Components of the IEP: These four components work together to support each other and create your presence- Physical/Environmental Energy, Mental/Emotional Energy, Vibrational Energy, Relational Energy. It helps make you aware of your surroundings and then you can decide how to interact with the environment around you. Cavanaugh always asks "What's the energy I'm bringing to the room?" and ideally this attitude with accentuate positive mindsets and help to eliminate negative energy. Being present and acting with intention are key components that help set you, and the team you are part of, up for success.

Actionable Steps: Be honest with yourself, optimize yourself by asking for feedback on your presence.

Step One: Notice your presence- check in with yourself, your mindset, how are you showing up?

Step Two: Set an intention for how you want to show up when you walk into the room, envision the presence that you want.

Step Three: Notice if there is anything you need to do to take care of yourself- grab water, change your mindset if you have outside distractions-- make that mental shift.

Step Four: Step into the next level of presence, actively choose to embody what you envisioned.

Step Five: Rinse and repeat for the rest of the meeting, for the rest of the day.

In short: Know where you are; know where you want to be; know what you need to do to get there; once there-- be present.

Listen to Anese Cavanaugh on The Art of Charm podcast, here.

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