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Reflecting on 2018

As we prepare for the new year, a few things stand out in our memories of 2018.


The innovation and pioneering spirit of our employees took Jovian Concepts internationally this year. Our team earned a place on the GSA-70 Schedule and grew to support thirteen programs on three continents. The sustainable growth of Jovian Concepts helped retain the 'small company' feel our employees cherish. Said one employee on our 2018 Climate Survey, Jovian Concepts is "a small company that values its people."

Core Values

In 2018 Jovian Concepts expanded on the Core Values our employees articulated the year prior, allowing our employees' vision to guide us in a positive direction-- from philanthropic outreach to a renewed commitment to professionalism. Families and friends joined us on our team building retreat to Walt Disney World, which was a special celebration that included even our smallest family members. We gathered the entire company again in December for a party where science took center stage. Picnics, game nights, happy hours, and community involvement gave us opportunities to build our cohesive culture throughout the rest of the year, while climate surveys, retreats, and regular discussion allowed us the chance to grow Jovian Concepts in a positive direction. Our corporate culture was publicly recognized by both SmartCEO and the Baltimore Sun Media Group in 2018, which is a nod to the Core Values our employees project and protect every day.

As we look toward exciting things in our future, we value the opportunity to reflect on the success we saw in 2018. We wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

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