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We've Got Winter Reading Covered

If we get snowed-in this winter, at least we've got something to read.

As part of our commitment to Personal Growth, Balance, and Professionalism -- Core Values at Jovian Concepts -- we are stocking our bookshelves this month. Jovian Concepts hosts an ongoing Personal Growth and Professional Development Book Club, moderated by Professional Book Club Guru (PCBGuru). This winter employees are reading Loonshots by Safi Bahcall.

In addition to the seasonal book pick provided to employees through the book club, January is time for our annual Personal Growth book pick for employees. From learning a cooking skill to brushing up on Python, every person has a unique skill set they'd like to foster outside the workplace. At Jovian Concepts we recognize the need for a well-balanced bookshelf and celebrate the diversity in our team by providing employees with the books that will help them achieve their personal goals.

Bring on the snow--we're ready!

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