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It's National Volunteer Week

Throughout the year Jovian Concepts gives back to the community through a variety of activities. Collection drives for food, clothing, toys, books, and eyewear are spaced evenly across the calendar and are run by employee volunteers. Our annual Golf Tournament relies on volunteers to raise funds for the American Red Cross National Capital and Greater Chesapeake Region's Service to the Armed Forces. From supporting education to joining partners in our industry in their efforts to contribute to a variety of causes, the spirit of volunteering is part of the culture at Jovian Concepts and our Core Value of Balance.

This week is National Volunteer Week. It is a time to recognize those who already serve their communities. It is also a call to everyone to get involved. "Acts of service unite people from different backgrounds and allow us to truly see and hear one another," says President Joseph Biden in his April 16th Proclamation on National Volunteer Week, 2021. "During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the millions of Americans who volunteer and encourage more to follow their path."

The Philanthropic Mission of Jovian Concepts is to strive to enrich the environment in which our employees work and live, primarily by supporting educational programs and programs aimed at improving the lives of U.S. Armed Forces. We applaud our employees and their families who demonstrate in their communities that they are Down to Earth, Up to the Challenge.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc., provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland. For more information, visit


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