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It's World Password Day!

Revisiting how you use passwords is a good practice. Here are some tips for effective passwords.

Our Technical Director warns, "Do not rely on a password to protect your information." Keep in mind the following:

  • When it is available, use two-factor authentication such as a call, text, app, or key.

  • Longer passwords are better. Even though dictionary words aren't usually recommended, a longer password with dictionary words is better than a short password of mixed characters.

  • Do not keep all your passwords in a notepad or Excel sheet. If this is the only way you feel you can store them, try instead to use hints in the notepad, rather than the actual passwords.

Take some time today to revisit how you protect your data!

About Jovian Concepts, Inc. Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland and is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability and veterans. For more information about Jovian Concepts, visit


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