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Jovian Concepts Pet Supplies Drive is On

Jovian Concepts is collecting pet supplies for the Central Maryland Meals on Wheels’ Kibble Connection through the Maryland SPCA. Did you know that many homebound Meals on Wheels clients would give up their own food in order to feed their pets? So that they don’t need to make that tough decision, Meals on Wheels coordinates quarterly deliveries of appropriate pet food from the Maryland SPCA to clients who own pets. The need is greatest for both dry and wet/canned cat food, as cats seem to be easy companions for seniors to care for. Please consider 1) dropping off cat food (dry or wet) at our Mellon Road office, 2) donating an item from the full wish list posted below, or 3) visiting the MDSPCA Amazon Wish List which delivers directly to the MDSPCA.

Donations will be accepted at the Mellon Rd office from May 21-June 10.


  • Wet [canned] dog food (grocery store varieties with gravy).

  • Dry dog food (unopened bags).

  • Dry cat food (unopened bags).

  • Gerber jarred baby food—Stage 2 in beef, chicken, turkey or lamb with gravy, 2.5 oz jars only.

  • Wet [canned] cat food (grocery store varieties with gravy).

  • Soft dog treats, such as Pup-Peroni.


  • Scratch pads for cats (purchase at

  • PVC plumbing joints (extra large 6” fixtures, tubing is fine).

  • Cat treats and toys, such as toy mice (no catnip) & ping pong balls.

  • Dog toys: buster cubes (puzzle balls to keep the dogs entertained).

  • Enrichment toys for our larger dogs: Busy Buddy toys, large Kongs, Tire Biter Paw Tracks toys, basketballs and soccer balls.


  • White and color copy paper.

  • Stamps.


  • Large dog crates (plastic airline crates, not metal).

  • Tomahawk White Cat Handler/Den with Clear Door, Model 711C (purchase at

  • Tomahawk Feral Cat Traps, Model 606NC (purchase at

  • Kuranda dog beds, size medium (donate a bed at

  • SnuggleSafe microwave heatpads and heatable water bottles for our animals in foster care & surgery.

  • Scoopable kitty litter for foster care kitties.

  • Fleece material and washable blankets (no sheets, please).

  • Puppy pads.

  • Unused plastic litter pans for kittens and cats.

  • Elsey Cat or Kitten Attract (for litterbox training).

  • Industrial dog wash station.

  • Colorful plastic colanders to use for cat and kitten beds.

  • Colorful/seasonal plastic mixing bowls to use for cat and kitten beds.

  • Latex exam gloves.

  • 8-second thermometers.

  • Scales (baby or postage).


  • Rubber gloves (dishwashing gloves), all sizes/

  • Paper towels and large sponges.

  • Scrubbing sponges.

  • Towels: hand, dish, wash and bath towels.

  • Lint rollers and refills.

  • Muffin pans.

  • Plastic measuring cups to measure liquids.


  • Outdoor work gloves.

  • Shovels (snow and regular).

  • Rakes.

  • Batteries: 9 Volt, D, C, AA, and AAA.

  • Hand truck.

  • Cart with wheels.

  • Beige plastic lawn chairs.

  • Plastic 35 gallon trash cans with lids, new or gently used.

  • Large plastic tubs (storage bins with lids, 15-25 gallons).

  • Baby gates.

  • Plastic shower curtains (opaque, not clear) and shower curtain liners.

  • Industrial hoses and sprayers, 25’ and 50’.

No medications, dog bowls, catnip, pillows or sheets, please.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland. For more information, visit


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