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What's the Big Idea about this Map?

Integral to the culture at Jovian Concepts is the focused effort to bring employees together. With locations in four states, bridging the distance between employees can be a challenge, but the resulting collaboration is worthwhile. Employees bring to the conversation a wealth of knowledge as diverse as their experiences, perspectives, and professional accomplishments.

A map on the wall at the company headquarters illustrates the varied backgrounds of the employees of Jovian Concepts. Created by artist Jammie Smith, the map boasts a pin in the birthplace of each employee. It serves as a reminder that, though each member of the group hails from a unique place, it is the diversity of Jovian Concepts that forms a rich and resourceful environment.

To learn more about Jammie Smith, visit her shop. (As of the date of this post, Smith is in the process of relocating, but hopes to open her shop again soon. Feel free to contact her on her page with any requests.)

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