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What's the Big Idea about these Ornaments?

At the December 2017 year-end celebration, employees presented Richard Scheper and Heather Johnson with books of memories collected from Jovian Concepts. Several memories centered on the ornaments employees find each year at the party.

The tradition of 'giving' holiday ornaments to the employees started in an unusual way, shortly after the company was founded. As one employee recalls:

"A funny memory was at a Christmas party at the Scheper's home. When everyone arrived, they found a Christmas tree decorated with wooden Jovian Christmas Ornaments. By the end of the night the tree was missing its ornaments. No one bothered to ask if the ornaments were for the employees."

Another employee added that her favorite memory of Jovian Concepts is "helping myself to the Jovian Christmas tree ornaments as if they were party favors from the Scheper family Christmas tree! And then finding out they weren't!"

As our annual party has outgrown the Schepers' home and moved to venues around Rich Scheper's hometown of Baltimore, the employees and their guests continue to find a Christmas tree or other display decorated in ornaments. And by the end of each party, the ornaments are missing-- a fun reminder of that first small gathering years ago.

The playful act of sneaking an ornament from the tree is one tradition we enjoy at Jovian Concepts that illustrates the Down to Earth atmosphere of our group. We are grateful to continue making memories together this year and look forward to finding the ornaments missing, yet again.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland and is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability and veterans.

For more information about Jovian Concepts, visit

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