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Getting Out of High Conflict

Ever find yourself so entangled in a conflict that you can't understand the other side? That's how you know the conflict has taken over and replaced the original issue that brought you to the conflict.

So, what to do?

The Jovian Concepts Professional Development and Personal Growth Book Club is starting our spring selection, High Conflict: Why we get trapped and how we get out. This book by Amanda Ripley explores how a conflict escalates into an us vs. them, or good vs. evil, situation with feedback loops of outrage and blame. More importantly, the author aims to illustrate how to recognize and escape the cycle of high conflict.

Moderated by Professional Book Club Guru (PBCGuru), our Jovian book club is a private, online forum for discussion. Because our Jovians work in various locations across the globe, the book club offers a chance to share a common activity and communicate ideas outside of the work environment. It is one of the many benefits at Jovian Concepts supporting the Core Values identified by employees.

We look forward to learning from Ripley's research this season.

To find out more about the award-winning culture at Jovian Concepts, explore our site.

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