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Sounds Like Summer

What shows love more than a heartfelt mix tape? From Angie Stone to Led Zeppelin, songs create the soundtrack for our lives.

At Jovian Concepts this season we're harnessing the nostalgia of a good mix tape by creating some summer playlists. Our playlists are as diverse as our Jovians, and cover a range of genres and moods. As one Jovian said about our mix this week, "This would be my list for this week...I'm sure it will be something else next week."

Making playlists together is one of the many ways we practice the Core Values our employees have identified. Cohesiveness across our many programs and locations is fostered through active communication and is a great example of our Down to Earth spirit.

Each week we'll share what summer sounds like at Jovian Concepts. Follow along on social media and get to know Jovian Concepts! Find us using @jovianconcepts or #jovianconcepts.

To learn more about what it's like to work at Jovian Concepts, contact a Jovian you know or reach out to us here.

About Jovian Concepts, Inc.

Jovian Concepts, Inc. provides unique on-site consulting services to agencies of the United States government. Founded in 2009 by Richard Scheper, Ph.D., Jovian Concepts is based in Maryland and is an Equal Opportunity Employer, including disability and veterans. For more information, visit

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