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Food for Thought: Company Culture

At the heart of company culture is the employee. To maintain a consistent culture that works well, a focus on culture needs to be part of every aspect of employee life-- from hiring and growth plans to business decisions that are made every day.

According to Jon Wolske of Zappos, a shoe company highly recognized for a positive culture, the ‘stuff’ we normally associate with great company culture should be in the language of the employees. For some, this means a beer fridge in the office, for others it means the opportunity to attend classes.

At Jovian Concepts, company culture is a key part of every decision we make. Consider just a few ways that culture is fostered at Jovian Concepts:

Company structure—Each Section Manager has no more than five employees in a section, allowing the Section Managers to get to know what’s important to each employee, both at work and outside work.

Communication—With multiple channels for feedback, from anonymous surveys to face-to-face All Hands meetings with the CEO, communication is so important to keeping a healthy culture that Jovian Concepts employees created a Culture and Communications team.

Socializing—Being together is an important part of healthy relationships, so Jovian Concepts strives to bring employees together twice a year as a whole company, and informally throughout the year for happy hours, All Hands meetings, Section meetings, leadership retreats, family picnics, and fun outings.

To listen to more about nurturing culture, check out The Growth Show interview with Jon Wolske,

To read more about Jovian's focus on corporate culture, check out our SmartCEO win,

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