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"Serving Those Who Served" This Season

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in Maryland offers assisted living and nursing home care with dignity and compassion for veterans and their eligible spouses.

Consider helping Charlotte Hall “serve those who served” in any or all of the following ways. All items may be dropped off at our office by December 6 or given to one of our employees to drop off by that date.

Donate an urgently needed item for the Commander's Closet (items are free to residents as needed). All items must be new

Belts- size 36-52”

Sweat pants- size L

Shoes (Velcro closure)- size 9-14Wide, with rubber soles

Laundry detergent- normal size (not travel size)



Shaving cream- normal size (not travel size)

Shampoo- normal size (not travel size)

Body wash- normal size (not travel size)

Deodorant- normal size (not travel size)

Wheelchair gloves- size L & XL

Sleep pants- size M

Donate other items needed throughout the season. All items must be new.

Sweat Pants- size S-XL

Shoes (Velcro closure)- size 8-14Wide

Belts- size 34-52”

Deodorant- normal size (not travel size)

Laundry soap- normal size (not travel size)

Shaving cream- normal size (not travel size)

Electric razors*


Coin pouches*

Individually wrapped snack cakes or candies in original packaging*

Microwave safe travel mugs*

Wheelchair cup holders*

Military ball caps*

Men’s large size house slippers with rubber soles*

Walmart gift cards for shopping outings ($10 each)

Ladies' jewelry*


*these items will be used to create holiday gifts for the residents

Create holiday cards to be given to residents

This is a great project to do with the kids—but also consider donating any extra cards you have from your own holiday correspondence. Cards should include a message for the residents but should not be in envelopes so that the Charlotte Hall volunteers can screen them and distribute them accordingly. Please keep the cards non-religious so that they may apply to all residents.

To make monetary donations, find alternate donation drop-off locations, see a list of what cannot be donated, and see a complete list of sponsorship opportunities, visit

Learn more about Charlotte Hall on their web site.

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